Sunday 24 February 2008

Hi, regarding my last post (and a future one)

Just pointing out to other excellent recent critiques of pro-pornstitution "feminism":

Anji from the Shut Up Sit Down blog has recently posted on Feminism and the Sex Trade, an article within which she makes clear that Support of Pornography and Prostitution Is Not Feminist.

Anji also mentioned blogger Rmott62 - Rebecca (a good friend of mine) is a woman who has escaped prostitution, and speaks about it candidly in her blog. Anji (as well as I) particularly recommend Rebecca's post I Have Had Enough [a post on which I commented at Rebecca's blog] which covers many of the same points on pro-pornstitution "feminists" Anji and I did, but from the view of a former prostituted woman. Rebecca also posted a comment about what she thinks of pro-pornstitution "feminists" on my recent blog's post here. I have also recently posted an essay entitled Lie Dead which was written by Rebecca and which she had emailed me to publish.

My website Against Pornography also has a whole section on women in the sex industry.

Meanwhile, I'm currently preparing a mega post on the sex trade! Because I do not believe it's fair that pro-porners only want to hear the glamorized malestream corporate media stories of "women who say they love being in prostitution and pornography" while refusing to hear the stories of women who say they have been harmed in porn/prostitution and by porn. How sick and cruel that is!


Anonymous said...

Thank Maggie. Hopefully our voices will get louder and drown out the constant noise of the pro-pornography and prostitution "femiinst" lobby.

Phio Gistic said...

Thanks for the links, lots of good reading here. Looking forward to your mega post!