Tuesday 28 October 2008

The Nineteenth Carnival of Radical Feminists. . .

. . . is now up at Pisaquari's place, Buried Alive.

It includes many interviews (herstories) of radical feminists:

- Amy's,

- Demonista's,

- Allecto's,

- My Own,

- Sam Berg's,

- Bonobobabe's,

- Amananta's,

- Julia's, and

- Jenn's.

It also includes links to excellent writings by other radical feminists, e.g. Nine Deuce (of Rage Against the Man-chine), Rebecca (of Rmott62), Amananta (of Screaming into the Void) and Marcella Chester (of Abyss2Hope), etc. And more!

Please check out all the great content of this new carnival here. Pisaquari did a wonderful job. Congratulation for all the hard work and thank you so much!


Also, please check out this new anti-rape myths campaign:

This is Not an Invitation to Rape Me.


ETA (10/31/2008): Tonight, it is Samhain.

From Sharkbait's blog:
Now, please take a moment to consider all the women who have been, will be and are being, persecuted as Witches around the world.

In Sisterhood and Solidarity,

Please check out this post.

It is Witches' Eve tonight. And misogyny continues.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the great links.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I liked the medium Pisaquari used to documented this carnival. And indeed merry Samhain and the beginning of the Celtic new year.

Maggie said...

I've already linked it to my blog. It's on my blogroll as "Anti-Porn Activist Network". Great site!