Saturday 5 April 2008

Highlighting a post

Rmott62 wrote another wonderful piece on prostitution. I was very moved by it. This is one of the best posts she's ever written. She's such an amazingly courageous writer and a good friend of mine. The post is called Not for sale. Please check it out.

BTW, I just made another new comment (2nd one) on Rebecca's blog today in response to her "Not for sale" post.

Kudos to you, Rebecca.

“The ugly side of prostitution cannot be heard too much, for that might undermine the easy option of viewing prostitution as a “free choice”.”
-- Rmott62, former prostituted woman, in her "Not for sale" post.

"When sex is work, rape is theft. Every time someone calls prostitution "sex work" they affirm for misogynists what misogynists already believe, that a man raping a woman is more akin to a man shoplifting than a man inflicting torture."
-- Sam Berg.

Edited to add (04/07/2008 - April 7th):
as I see it= "Prostitution is not a career choice. . . prostitution needs to be seen for what it is: violence against women."
-- Mary Zelinka, assistant executive director of a Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence in Oregon.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your encouragement of my work. You are doing briliant work, it does help give survivors of the sex trade have some respect. Rebecca.

Maggie said...

As always, you're very welcome, Rebecca. :D

Anonymous said...

I love Sam's quote too.

Anonymous said...

I like the quote from Mary Zelinka. I absolutely see prostitution as violence against women. Porn too. It's nice to hear it being referred to as violence, being named for what it really is!