Wednesday 23 January 2008

Oh, this makes me angry!

Mobile porn to hit $3.5bn by 2010

Revenues from mobile 'adult services' are set to approach $3.5bn by 2010, according to a new report. [...]

A significant proportion of new revenues are expected to come from the relatively underdeveloped North American markets, despite restrictions on on-portal content.

"While operators in the US and Canada are still very reluctant to introduce age-verification systems and offer adult content, it is a completely different story off-portal," said report author Dr Windsor Holden.

"A number of service providers are now offering direct-to-consumer content and services aimed at those markets. As mobile subscribers become more comfortable and familiar with the off-portal environment, traffic to these sites will mushroom." [...]

"The most popular genre with consumers is graphic amateur content. If operators wish to maximise revenues from adult content, they should provide a mix of genres in which white-label content is given equal prominence to that of major brands."

Juniper predicts that western Europe will remain the largest regional market for mobile adult services throughout the period covered by the report, with revenues rising from $775m in 2007 to $1.5bn by 2012. ...

The demand for this woman-hating propaganda is increasing! And Now, Cell phone pornography is becoming increasingly more popular!

Nothing much to say on that apart from the fact that it makes me feel angry. Men want to see and masturbate to the degradation of women, and they want those cruel images to be on their cell phones, more and more!

The pornography industry keeps getting richer. Those scumbags we call pornographers keep filling their pockets because most men keep creating the demand for pornography.

A recent study found that men still substantially outpace women in porn consumption. 86.1% of the male respondents said they had viewed porn in the past year, versus 31.0% of the women. Among the men, 21.3% said they viewed porn every day or almost every day, versus just 1.0% of the women. Participants in the study were aged 18-26. So please don't give me the "women like it as much as men" propaganda.

I perfectly know it's men, for the most part, who use pornography. Men should stop creating the demand for this sexist material!

As researcher, Diana E.H. Russell wrote in her book Making Violence Sexy:
"Women and children will continue to be abused, pressured into unwanted sex acts, beaten, raped, tortured, and killed in the making of pornography, and as a consequence of men viewing it. Pornography will continue to fuel hate crimes against women until men are willing to face the consequences of their desire for this vicious hate propaganda, and voluntarily forgo it."

And now cell-phone porn is expanding at alarming rates! It also means that more women will be hurt...

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